How Camping Showers Work

Mechanics of Solar Camping Showers

Solar camp showers are the simplest of models. They turn energy from the sun into a heating source for your shower water. The water bags for solar camping showers are covered in a black of heat-absorbent material. To get that solar energy, you want to lay the bag on a rock, a table or the roof of your car -- the ground is too cool. If only one side of your water bag has the absorbent material, make sure that side is facing up.

The sun is at its hottest in the beginning of the afternoon, so your bag will heat the fastest during this time. Heating times vary depending on the outside temperature, but your water should be warm enough for showering in two to five hours. On really hot days, make sure it's not scalding -- a model with a built-in temperature strip is your best bet.

The pros of a solar camping shower are their low price, their lightness and the fact that they don't produce carbon dioxide emissions. But on the other side of the coin, it takes them a long time to heat up water, unlike a propane shower, and you're dependent on the fickle sun to show.

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