10 Ways to Attract Bears to Your Campsite

Sleep Where You Cook
Right now this man is scenting his tent with hotdog.
Right now this man is scenting his tent with hotdog.
Nick Daly/Getty Images

After you've cooked up some beans and corn on your camping stove and roasted marshmallows over the fire, the smell of food is likely to linger for a while. You might enjoy the aroma of your meal for a few hours. Coincidentally, all the hungry bears in the area will also find the odor appealing.

For this reason, it's best you don't sleep where you've cooked. In fact, your tent should be about 100 yards (91 meters) away and -- even better -- upwind from where you made dinner. Your cooking equipment should be strung up or stored in a canister along with your food, trash and toiletries. And make sure you don't sleep in the same clothes you were wearing as camping chef. That's as good as slathering yourself in corn pudding before you go to sleep. Instead, you should store those clothes with the rest of your strong-smelling gear.

And speaking of smells ...

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