10 Ways to Attract Bears to Your Campsite


Camp When Bears are Hungry

This hungry bear may have had a tough winter.
This hungry bear may have had a tough winter.
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The location of your campsite is important, but you should also be aware of the timing of your camping trip. Naturally, most of us camp in the spring, summer or early fall -- coincidentally, right when bears are up-and-at-'em between hibernations. While camping during bears' active times is a necessary evil when it comes to camping conditions and weather, you can still guard against bear activity to a certain extent by being conscious about times that bears might be under more strain due to hunger.

Camping after a mild winter might leave you more vulnerable to bears seeking food; a less strenuous winter means stronger elk, deer and other game. Late winter snows can also prevent a good berry crop. A lack of weak and susceptible prey along with bad foraging opportunities can quickly produce hungry bears, likely to be bolder around happy campers with seemingly endless supplies of energy bars and sizzling morning bacon.

And don't be surprised when that bacon does attract a bear. Read on to learn how you can find yourself hosting your own teddy bear picnic if your campsite smells delicious.