5 Tips for Getting Your Zzzs While You Camp


Calm the Campfire

Smokey Bear glares at folks who don't properly extinguish their campfires! (He's a little judgy-looking for all that fuzzy cuteness and adorable hat, no?) There's a world of sense to what this iconic bear says on a copacetic camping level, though. After all, how could someone possibly sleep well, knowing a breeze could spring up and waft a burning twig into the side of their tent? Not us.

Tents aren't typically inflammable, even if their manufacturers say they're flame-retardant [source: CBC News]. So, follow scouts' advice, and keep a bucket of water by your campfire for safety's sake while enjoying those heady fumes. Once you're ready to pack it in and all the wood is (ideally) burned to ash, dump the water on the embers of your dying fire. Douse the entire fire pit. If you lack water, sand or dirt can serve. Make sure all the embers are tamped and the hissing stops, and then stir it around thoroughly for good measure. The whole fire pit should be cool by the time you're done. You literally cannot be too careful when it comes to campfires. They're delightful, but they can also be deadly. And that's enough to spoil any camping trip.