5 Tips for Getting Your Zzzs While You Camp

Go to sleep already! You have a busy day tomorrow ... See more national park pictures.

The marshmallows are eaten, the campfire is dwindling, the yawns are stretching wider, and everyone seems about ready to pack it in for the night. An activity-filled day awaits you in the morning. Will you be soundly rested and ready to go?

Outdoor adventures can be pretty exhausting. They're the kind of trips that are completely awesome but can leave you wondering when your real vacation starts. Delightful, sure, but physically and psychologically challenging at times, too.

One of the key factors in the camping equation is how well you're able to sleep at night. A restful snooze cycle can be tough to achieve away from your comfy bed and favorite squishy pillow. And a night of tossing and turning can signal disaster for your plans the next day. So, how do you stay well-rested in the wild? Read on.