5 Gadgets for Campers Who Can’t Unplug

Eyeclops Mini Projector

It's just not feasible to take your big screen television on a camping trip, no matter how appealing it might be. But you can transform your camp site with an Eyeclops Mini Projector. This tiny tool can connect to everything from an iPhone to a gaming system, projecting a 66-inch image onto your tent or, perhaps, a rock wall. There's nothing quite like watching "The Blair Witch Project" in the environment in which it was created. Or you can play a classic romantic flick next to a crackling camp fire. And if, God forbid, you're concerned about that big meeting your leading when you get back to work, you can practice your PowerPoint presentation, then crawl into your sleeping bag knowing you're fully prepared for what awaits back in the city [source: Soard].

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