5 Gadgets for Campers Who Can’t Unplug


American Red Cross FR500 SolarLink

Let's say that your trip has gone awry. Unexpected bad weather has settled in, and you've taken a tumble while exploring on a hillside. You need help. The American Red Cross FR500 SolarLink can be a lifesaver.

This sturdy gadget has it all: An AM/FM/Shortwave radio, complete with NOAA weatherband so you can monitor a storm. It also provides an emergency beacon and siren. Here's the coolest thing: There's virtually no way to lose power to your SolarLink. If your batteries run dead, it'll rely on solar power -- and if the inclement weather keeps any rays from getting through, you can use the devices hand crank. Who would've thought that a hand crank could be so important to a high-tech device? Sometimes the past and the present collide to keep you safe from harm [source: ETON.]

Now let's go with the best case scenario -- you remain completely safe from harm during your afternoon outing and settle in at your camp site as the sun fades over the horizon. What now? It's movie time, of course!