5 Gadgets for Campers Who Can’t Unplug


Satmap Active 10

Now that the caffeine is coursing through your veins, you can charge out into the wilderness in search of adventure. Chances are, however, that reckless abandon will get you lost unless you're excellent at orienteering or you have a Satmap (short for "satellite map"). The Satmap Active 10 is a GPS system about the size of a typical mobile phone.

It also has hundreds of topographical maps from more than a dozen countries which are available on SD cards that can be plugged directly into the handheld device. Headed to the Sierra Nevada? Plug in the Sierra Nevada SD card and you'll have a detailed description of where you are -- and how to get out. Traveling to Austria? The literal highs and lows of your destination are quickly at your disposal. If you run into bad weather or if you happen to stumble and drop your Satmap, it's OK. It's waterproof and comes in a shockproof case [source: Satmap.]

There are, however, dangers in the outdoors that have nothing to do with the terrain. Bad weather is one example. There's a gadget, as you might imagine, made just for that possibility.