5 Gadgets for Campers Who Can’t Unplug


Brunton Solaris 26 Solar Array

Like Luke Skywalker heading off into the unknown, you have to "use the force" to have success as an outdoor techie. The force, in this case, is electricity.

The Brunton Solaris 26 Solar Array is a compact recharging system that harnesses the power of the sun. It's an 11- by 8.5-inch (28- by 21-centimeter) solar panel that, when unfolded to its full size of 21.5 by 37.5 inches (54 by 95 centimeters), can produce enough energy to charge everything from your mobile phone to your car battery. Yes, your car! With 26 watts of power, the force is strong with this one.

You don't have to have brilliant sunshine to keep the Solaris working. The manufacturer claims it'll work efficiently even in low-light. This gadget, however, doesn't come cheap. At more than $500, you'll be paying for the ability to keep all your electrical devices humming during your stay in the outdoors [source: Active.com].

Of course, your body doesn't live on electricity. You need -- caffeine!