5 Gadgets for Campers Who Can’t Unplug

Ready to head into the wild? You don't have to leave your technological luxuries behind. See more pictures of national parks.
Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Thinkstock

It's really not that hard to understand. You love to camp, you just don't love some of the things that camping purists associate with being outdoors. Why don't other people get that? It's invigorating being beside the water or among the trees and breathing all that fresh air. It's just that the hermit lifestyle is not for you, even for a day or two. You want the niceties of city life and the connectedness they provide. And, yes, it's possible to have it all -- you just have to know how to make nature blend with technology. Rest assured, there are others who want the same thing you do, and they've created some amazing tools to help you seamlessly transition from urban living to sleeping under the stars with modern, high-tech style. Let's all say it together now, "Electricity is our friend!"

Picture a camping trip in which you listen to the crickets and the wind in the trees while watching a movie. Imagine waking up by the lake to the sound of coffee percolating. Can you envision a wilderness adventure that doesn't' entail the prospect of getting lost? After all, if you have an endless supply of electricity and the right guidance system in the palm of your hand, the risks of outdoor life are greatly diminished.

So throw out the notion that a nature-lover can't be a techie. You can be both. You can embrace the natural beauty all around you and harness the creativity that man -- and woman -- brings to this planet. You can conquer nature and soak it in. The right inventions prove that it's possible. Power up and head into the wild. This will be an expedition like none other -- You're about to find out how to become an outdoor techie enthusiast!