5 Family Camping Games

Round-robin Storytelling
Possible contest: See who can make the best s'more.
Possible contest: See who can make the best s'more.

As the day draws to a close, finish up the activities with stories around the campfire. The pitch-black wilderness just outside the firelight lends itself to spooky tales in particular. But it doesn't have to be a one-person show; the entire group can get in on the act with round robin story-telling. A round-robin story is one that each person adds to. You can create a story sentence-by-sentence, or each person can add as much or as little to the story as they wish. Simply go around the circle a set number of times, or until the story seems to be finished. Round-robin storytelling challenges everyone's imagination and demands quick thinking of the participants. It also allows the younger campers among you to participate, as opposed to simply listening.

So, there you have it -- five great camping games for your family! Check out the next page for lots more information and ideas.

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