5 Family Camping Games


Capture the Flag

If you really want to get official, bring your own flag!
If you really want to get official, bring your own flag!

If you have a larger group, organize a game of capture the flag. This is a game that can be as complicated or simple as you want to make it, depending on the age and energy levels of the players. The basic premise is this: The group is divided into two teams, each of which has its own territory. Make sure there's a clear dividing line between the two territories; it can be something natural like a stream, or something you set up to mark the boundary. Both teams start at the dividing line, and when the referee starts the clock, the players have a set amount of time (usually two or three minutes) to hide their flag. The flag can be anything from a bandanna to a dish towel. The flag's hiding place can be inconspicuous, but some part of the flag has to be visible. After the hiding time is up, the goal is to sneak into the other team's territory, find their flag, and steal it without being caught. If a player is caught in enemy territory, that person is put into the "guard house." The game ends when the enemy's flag crosses the border over to home territory. It's a great way for hyperactive campers to burn off some energy, and it's fun for the adults, as well.