5 Cooking Tools for Camping



In the rush to get your pack loaded before a long trip, one of the easiest things to forget is your cutlery. This simple but extremely important cooking tool comes in a few different forms and is made from several different types of materials. Some camping cutlery consists of a fork, knife and spoon set resembling what you might have on your table at home. Another design, known as a "spork," combines the scoop of a spoon and the stab of a fork either on the same end or on opposite ends of the utensil. Which option you bring depends on your desire for weight savings and personal preference.

As with pots and dishes, the material from which cutlery is made affects its weight and price, though all tip the scale at less than 1 ounce (28 grams). Some are made from a plastic such as Lexan, Tritan or Acetal. These are cheap, costing $2 or so for a spork, but are prone to scratches, which can hold dirt and bacteria. Aluminum is generally lighter and more durable, but at around $7 costs a bit more. Titanium is also lighter and more heavy-duty, but is the most expensive at a cost of about $10. Regardless of the utensil you ultimately choose, just remember to pack it!