10 Tips for Family Camping Meals


Stay Hydrated

It's essential to pack plenty of fluids to keep your family hydrated on your camping trip. Having clean water available is also helpful when cooking meals over the campfire. Before you leave home, fill clean gallon-sized milk jugs or 2-liter soda bottles with water and freeze them. To avoid contaminating foods, use a separate cooler for drinks. This will also prevent family members from opening the food cooler too often and letting the cold air escape.

Milk, tea, coffee and juices are other popular liquids to pack for your camping trip, but drinking water is the only sure way to keep your family safely hydrated. While you want to make sure you have plenty of water available, packing oversized water jugs is probably excessive when you can connect to a campground's water supply. Of course, if you're camping far away from society and don't have the option of connecting to a water supply, you will want to pack plenty of drinking water for family members to consume during your trip.