10 Tips for Family Camping Meals


Multipurpose Aluminum Foil

If any item on your family camping meals shopping list should be underlined and highlighted, it's the aluminum foil!

Aluminum foil is a multipurpose product that makes camping easy and stress-free. Foil can be shaped into a funnel, a drinking cup or a makeshift fry pan. Wrapping a cardboard box in foil transforms it into an outdoor oven (more on this later), and you can poke holes in a sheet of foil to serve as a strainer for meats, fruits and vegetables. Stretch a large sheet of foil near the campfire to reflect heat for warmth, or spread a sheet of foil over logs to keep them dry. Aluminum foil can also be molded to fit the inside of pots and pans to reduce cleanup time.

Need more reasons to bring along the foil? Almost any combination of meats and vegetables can be cooked inside aluminum foil. Vegetables and meats wrapped in foil packets are a fun DIY dinner activity that the whole family will enjoy. Everyone can stuff various vegetables, like potatoes, carrots or corn on the cob, and meats into foil packets and rotate them over the fire. For fuss-free campfire cooking, shape the foil into a bundle around food, and twist a corner of the bundle into a handle, which allows you to safely lift food out of the fire with ease. To prevent meat from burning, add a few cubes of ice to aluminum foil dinners for a juicy, flavorful meal.