10 Tips for Family Camping Meals


For the Fire

As we've mentioned, space will be at a premium in your family's car or in your backpack, so take only the essentials. You've probably figured out by now that you can leave the espresso maker at home, but would you be surprised if we told you not to pack firewood? Chances are you won't need it. The campsite will have plenty of wood, sticks and brush to build a warm, large fire.

If there's a Boy Scout in your family, you may feel confident that he can rub together two sticks and start a fire, but most people need a little assistance generating a flame. Don't take this as your cue to pack matches. Unless you dip them in wax before your trip, they run the risk of getting wet and becoming ruined. To save yourself the trouble of scratching off wax from every match before you can strike it along the box, consider buying an inexpensive, durable lighter instead. Of course, if you and your family enjoy cooking out on a grill at the campground, remember charcoal and lighter fluid as well.