10 Tips for Family Camping Meals


Storage Tips and Tricks

Storing food properly is perhaps the most important aspect of camping. You should pack everything securely to prevent spoilage and spillage. Of course, this starts by choosing foods that are fresh, easy to prepare and safe for your family to eat. To keep food at a cool temperature, remember that block ice lasts longer than cubed ice, and wrapped frozen meats packed tightly with other food can keep the ice chest colder for longer. Watch your cooler closely, and always replace melting ice to keep meats and other perishable foods from going bad.

Swapping heavier items for lighter ones is another great storage trick that will open up a lot of space in a cooler or food crate for other camping items. Use recyclable paper plates rather than traditional dinnerware, and drink from plastic cups instead of glasses. Do without several different bottles of ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise and opt for condiment packets. Finally, instead of packing bulky cereal, pasta and rice boxes, pour food into sealed plastic bags. Store leftover food in airtight containers, and bring plenty of aluminum foil and garbage bags for easy cooking and cleanup.