10 Tips for Family Camping Meals


The Importance of Planning Ahead

You may not have access to a grocery store near your campground, so plan every meal carefully before you leave. Planning ahead for mealtime doesn't just help you stay organized -- it will also encourage you to pack only the necessities.

Write detailed menus for each day of your camping trip, and include healthy and easily prepared foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon snacks. Choose versatile foods like potatoes, beans and rice that you can cook several different ways; this will save space in your vehicle or backpack for other essential camping items. Depending on the size of your grocery list, you might want to pack a couple of emergency meals in case the cooler springs a leak during the trip, ruining steaks and poultry.

To save time preparing meals around the campfire, always make a note of foods on your grocery list that can be chopped and cooked before you leave. Prepare or dehydrate stews and soups, then freeze them and keep in the cooler for an easy, quick meal during your trip. Prepping meats in your home kitchen is significantly more sanitary than attempting to cut chicken or beef on a chopping block in the woods, and it will also save you from having to wash multiple utensils and cutting boards at camp.