10 Tips for Camping at High Altitude

Gadgets for High Altitude Camping
Mountaineers love their gadgets.
Mountaineers love their gadgets.

Every adventurer loves good gear. So it's no surprise that the sport of mountaineering has mountains (pun intended) of specialized equipment designed to make your uphill trek safer and more enjoyable. From multifunction watches with built in altimeters to personal locater beacons that may just save your life in an avalanche or accident situation, there's no shortage of mountaineering gadgets to explore.

Of them all, the altitude tent might just be the holy grail of mountaineer training gear. Also known as the hypoxic tent, an altitude tent simulates conditions at high elevations by depleting the air of oxygen inside the enclosure. An athlete who sleeps inside an altitude tent at sea level can theoretically acclimatize herself to high altitude without ever leaving her home. The price tag on altitude tents makes them cost-prohibitive for most weekend warriors; however, acclimatizing training has become popular enough that outdoor gear specialist Ellis Brigham recently installed pre-acclimatize equipment in its Manchester Deansgate store. Perhaps other sporting goods stores will soon follow suit!

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