10 Spectacular Places to Camp in the Winter


Murray Sunset National Park, Australia

When it's winter in the United States, it's summer Down Under. And you don't have to look too far to find prime camping spots in Australia. Like Murray-Sunset National Park in the northwest corner of Victoria. The isolated park is comprised of one of the world's final semi-arid regions that's been relatively undeveloped. Campers come for the park's vastness and superior views: spectacular sunsets, star-choked night skies, sparkling lakes.

There are several camping areas within the park. Favorites include the Pink Lakes, named for the red algae that live in the lake beds. The lakes change from deep pink in the winter to a glittering white by summer's end, when the water evaporates and leaves concentrated salt crusts behind. In the Shearers Quarters, you can tent-camp or stay in the historic building where shearers once slept, now converted into hostel-style accommodations.

During the day, campers enjoying bushwalking and touring the wide open land via four-wheel-drive vehicles [source: Parks Victoria].