10 Spectacular Places to Camp in the Winter


Red Cliffs Campground, Utah

Red Cliffs is a true gem. The campground is tucked into the scenic Red Cliffs Recreation Area 14 miles (23 kilometers) northeast of St. George, which is a haven for wildlife. You can also see many historical, cultural and natural resources, including the threatened Mojave Desert tortoise [source: Bureau of Land Management]. A series of impressive trails is easily accessible from the campground. The Silver Reef Trail, for example, leads to a lookout point for Silver Reef, a chunk of red rock laced with silver ore that's notable because there's no other place in the world where silver ore can be found in a sandstone formation. Look down while you're walking so you don't miss the early Jurassic dinosaur tracks. The 6-mile (10-kilometer) Red Reef Trail leads into the beautiful Cottonwood Canyon Wilderness, while thehalf-mile (0.8-kilometer) Anasazi Trail leads to the Red Cliffs Archaeological Site, where you can peer at several prehistoric Ancestral Puebloan sites [source: Bureau of Land Management].