10 Family Camping Activities


Paddle a Canoe

Canoeing through a quiet lake is very relaxing.
Canoeing through a quiet lake is very relaxing.

Taking a slow boat to nowhere is a wonderful way to while away an afternoon. A large canoe (some reach up to 17 feet or 5 meters) offers a roomy ride and some are outfitted with canoe chairs perfectly sized for children. School-age children can help paddle, while toddlers can play with waterproof toys. In fact, tying a toy to a string and dangling it in moving water can be quite entertaining. Don't be surprised if younger children nod off, soothed by the gentle motion and sounds of the water.

Be sure everyone wears a life jacket; in fact, it's a good idea to buy a perfectly fitting life jacket for your children before you go camping, and then let them practice wearing it in a swimming pool. If they know how to float and how a lifejacket feels, it will be easier to handle an accidental capsize. If you'd like an adventure on dry land instead, try a high-tech game of hide-and-seek like the one we propose, next.