10 Family Camping Activities


Get Musical

Why not break out the guitar and sing a few songs together?
Why not break out the guitar and sing a few songs together?

If you have visions of singing a good ol' campfire tune, you're definitely on the right track. But don't stop there. Whistle while you gather firewood, hum as you hike or belt out a show tune during dinner. It doesn't really matter what you sing. What matters is that you're modeling a love for music to your children. Researchers have discovered all kinds of good things music does for the body and mind. Depending on tempo, music has the ability to capture attention or to slow heart rates. And when it comes to camping, it can offer a lot of entertainment.

If you know how to play the acoustic guitar, strum along as the children sing. Or take advantage of a quiet environment away from distractions and learn to play. Most campfire songs are structured around just a few simple cords, anyway. If you'd rather sing a cappella, no worries. There are plenty of catchy campfire tunes like "Do Your Ears Hang Low?" or "The Ants Go Marching." If you can't remember the lyrics, a quick YouTube search before you leave home should prompt your memory.