10 Family Camping Activities


Play Nature-centric Games

Try playing the alphabet game along a hike.
Try playing the alphabet game along a hike.
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You're face-to-face with nature, so it only makes sense to make the most of it. And what better way than with a scavenger hunt? Make a list of treasures to find -- all with different colors, shapes and sizes -- and go on a nature walk full of discoveries. Rocks of a certain hue or leaves of a specific shape are sure winners, but consider adding a few long shots to your list, like spotting a woodpecker or finding an ant hill.

For a twist on an old standby, try playing the alphabet game as you relax by the tent or hike along a trail. The idea is to find a natural object that starts with each letter of the alphabet. The trick is that you can only win this game by finding objects in the correct alphabet order. For a modern variation, give each child a disposable digital camera so they can take photographs of objects that start with the letters A through Z.

A low-tech way to create mementoes without harming the environment is to make rubbings of found objects. Place a leaf with the vein side facing skyward, then put a piece of paper over it and rub it with a crayon until a lifelike sketch of the leaf appears.

Or take a noisier approach and belt out a few campfire tunes, like the ones we suggest on the next page.