10 Classic Camping Meals

Classic Campfire Cooking No. 2: Hobo Pies and Sandwiches

What's for lunch when camping? Sandwiches, and hot sandwiches at that. But you probably won't find a place to plug in your panini press, so for pocket sandwiches filled with hot, juicy fillings, invest $20 in a cooking iron, also known as a hobo pie maker or camping press. It consists of two small, hinged metal plates that fit together at the end of two long handles (for safe handling over a fire). A hobo pie is a specific foodstuff, and usually a dessert: two slices of bread, butter and pie filling mashed and heated in the cooking iron until it's an encapsulated, compact treat. You can make all kinds of hot, simple panini sandwiches with a cooking iron, particularly grilled cheese or even Reubens.