10 Classic Camping Meals

Classic Campfire Cooking No. 1: S'mores

No camping trip is complete without s'mores.
No camping trip is complete without s'mores.

So s'mores aren't technically a meal. But a s'more is a great snack, and after all, camping is a vacation, so why not have a graham cracker-marshmallow-chocolate sandwich for dessert?

S'mores originated among campers in the early 20th century. Who exactly invented them is lost to history, but the snack's popularity spread after it was mentioned in the 1927 edition of "The Girl Scout Handbook." (And yes, "s'more" is a contraction of "some more," because you can't eat just one.) They're a great camping food because none of the ingredients require refrigeration and anyone who can hold a stick can make one. Here's how you put one together: Take two marshmallows, poke them on a stick, and toast them on an open flame, turning until the marshmallows are brown. Place them on half a graham cracker and make a sandwich with a square of chocolate on the other cracker half. If you're camping in August, make sure to make some s'mores on Aug. 10 -- National S'mores Day.

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