10 Classic Camping Meals

Classic Campfire Cooking No. 10: Chili

A big pot of chili is an ideal campsite dinner. Most anything you'd want or need to put in it comes from a can or an envelope and tastes great, and it's so versatile that, beyond the base ingredients, a lot of variations are suitable. One note: Coolers keep food chilled and relatively safe, but not at refrigerator levels. So, if you're going to cook your chili with ground beef, turkey or venison, make it on the first night you're there if you've just got a cooler -- you don't want to get sick eating spoiled meat and ruin a trip.

After browning meat over a fire or camp stove in a Dutch oven, pour off some of the fat and add two cans of stewed tomatoes, two cans of beans (one each of kidney and pinto), a chopped onion, maybe some jalapeƱos, and a packet of chili powder or chili spice mix. Add about an empty can or two worth of clean water, and let it simmer until everything is soft and warm.