Top 10 Camping Tips


Tote a Survival Kit

A compass is an invaluable tool for your wilderness survival kit.
A compass is an invaluable tool for your wilderness survival kit.
Dougal Waters/Getty Images

When it comes to camping, nothing could be truer than the Boy Scout motto "Be prepared." Carrying a survival kit when you venture away from your campsite is an indispensable camping tip. So, what do you pack in this kit? For starters, you'll want to have water-purifying tablets, a water filter and a metal bowl. Then, add a survival knife, which can be used to hunt, to protect yourself and to signal for help. Not just any blade will do; it's worth investing in one from a camping or outdoor goods store.

Another must-have in your survival kit is waterproof matches stored in an airtight container. You can make waterproof matches by dipping regular ones in either nail polish or paraffin. A plastic medicine bottle or 35 millimeter film container makes a handy caddy for your waterproof matches. Keep a flashlight in your survival kit, and store extra batteries in an airtight container similar to the ones you store your matches in. Having a flare gun and a mini LED torch aren't a bad idea, either.

In addition to toting a survival kit, you should also have a small first aid kit with you. Stock bandages, wound cleanser, latex gloves and cold packs in it.