Top 10 Camping Tips


Dress for the Occasion

Even if you're not fashion-conscious, planning outfits for your outdoor adventure is just as important as any other camping tip. Dress in loose layers of clean clothing. Of course, in months with colder weather, you'll wear more clothing -- such as hats, gloves, jackets and thermal underwear -- than in warmer seasons. The key is to peel off layers of clothing before you start sweating so that you stay dry. If you perspire and get your clothes damp, you won't be as comfortable as you'd like.

Then, there's footwear. When you're camping, you need to protect your feet. Wear closed-toe shoes that have some sort of moisture-absorbing lining. Hiking boots are ideal, and one way to prevent blisters when you're exploring trails is by rubbing a bar of soap on your heels and underneath your toes before you head out. Keep the soap with you, and if your feet become tender, apply more soap to any potential hot spots.

Always pack a waterproof poncho to protect you from the rain; the last thing you want is to get your clothing drenched. Wearing wet clothing could cause hypothermia.