Top 10 Camping Tips


Pack the Bare Necessities for Mealtime

A list of camping tips wouldn't be complete without mentioning food and water. Whether your camping trip entails mini adventures, such as hiking or canoeing, or if it just means kicking back in the RV and watching DVDs, you're going to need food. The rule of thumb is to take only what's necessary to prepare each meal. For example, if your group is small, bring two cups of quick-cook oats rather than an entire 48-serving canister of oatmeal. Use sealed plastic bags to mix food. If you're setting up camp next to your RV or car, you have the luxury of being able to use a cooler to keep perishable goods like meats from spoiling.

Making sure you have clean water is one of the most essential camping tips. Unless you have access to clean tap water or a spring you know is safe to drink from, you should carry bottled water with you. Or, you can bring packets of iodine to sanitize water you get from the backcountry or any questionable source. You can also run the cleanest water you can find through a water filter or boil it for at least 10 minutes. To keep your water cold, wrap your container in aluminum foil.