10 Great Camping Spots for Star Gazing

Camping in remote areas gives you the best chance to enjoy the stars. See more national park pictures.

Campers love clear, starry skies. After all, that's part of the whole experience -- sitting around the campfire at night, inhaling the cool, fresh air, and pausing every now and then to admire a star-studded sky. Stargazing is actually considered one of the top activities for summer campers and RVers. Unfortunately, it's getting harder and harder to find campsites where you can really see a lot of stars, as more and more people inhabit the Earth and fill it with artificial lighting [source: Sibal].

But don't despair. There are still a fair number of such campsites left. The hitch is that they're mainly in remote locales. Not surprisingly, a lot of these out-of-the-way spots are tucked into national park systems all over the world, because that's where you find large tracts of undeveloped land (meaning little or no artificial lighting) [source: Sibal]. Following are 10 such spots, listed in no particular order. If you go, be prepared for the show of your lives.