10 Camping Comforts You Might Want to Bring


Tent Attic

Inevitably, if you camp, you'll eventually camp in the rain, and then you'll come to know a new kind of suffering. Wet clothes need to be dried. If you keep them on, you're more likely to catch hypothermia, and furthermore, wet socks will rub blisters on your feet. You'll need to hang your wet gear out to dry, but if it's raining, hanging your wet gear outside is a wee bit counterproductive.

Instead, bring along a tent attic, which is a mesh "shelf" that you can suspend from the domed ceiling of your tent. Lay your wet socks, shirts, gloves and other wet items on the "shelf" to allow them to dry. When it's not raining, you can still use the tent attic as a nice place to store your clothes so they're easy to reach. Popular tent attics include the Black Diamond Tent Attic, the Eureka Gear Loft, the Sierra Designs Portable Attic, and the North Face Tent Gear Loft.