10 Camping Comforts You Might Want to Bring


Solar Shower

A hot shower and a shave
A hot shower and a shave
Aaron McCoy/Botanica/Getty Images

Anyone can hang a bag full of water from a tree and use it to shower off. But wouldn't a hot shower be so much more wonderful? You can go with a generator-powered shower or let Mother Nature do the heating:

  • Stearns Sun Shower: This is an inexpensive, basic, bag-and-hose shower system. Fill it, hang it in the sun, and enjoy a hot shower after a long day of hiking.
  • Paha Que Tepee Shower and Outhouse: No privacy? Not anymore! Now you can shower and relieve yourself all in the privacy of your very own portable tentlike structure.
  • Coleman Hot Water on Demand: If your needs have evolved past a puny bag hung from a tree, then go with a hot water system that produces 40 gallons of hot water on a single charge.