10 Camping Comforts You Might Want to Bring


Camping Apps

The smartphone is now a survival tool.
The smartphone is now a survival tool.
Jean Luc Morales/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Today's Swiss Army knife or Leatherman is the smartphone, loaded up with camping and backpacking apps that'll tell you everything from how to shelter from the rain, sleet and snow to how to cook your dinner. And since you've brought your solar charger along, you can use these apps as you please. Here are some examples:

  • Coleman Camping Cookbook: This one's heavy on comfort food, so it's not the healthiest, but it's camp friendly nonetheless.
  • Survival Guide: This app is packed with useful survival knowledge, should you get lost and/or run out of supplies.
  • Tree Guide: It's somewhat pricey at $7, but this app will help you discover the difference between a Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir, and any other trees on the trail.
  • Park Maps: GPS maps of more than 250 national parks and recreation spots
  • Knot Guide: How should you tighten your tent lines? A trucker's hitch. How should you anchor a clothesline to a tree? A bowline. How should you join rope ends together? A water knot. These knots and the outdoor expertise they imply can be yours for $3.99 at the app store.

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