How Walleye River Fishing Works

Walleye River Fishing Tips

­In general, fishing is a trial-and-error sport. There is no bette­r way to learn walleye river fishing than to grab a pole, your bait and tackle, and get out on the river. However, a little preparation can help a great deal. Here are some tips to make your first walleye fishing experience safe, fun and successful:

  • Dawn and dusk are the best times to fish for walleye. The walleye gets its name from its large, reflective eyes. These eyes have adapted to see especially well in dim light, and even full darkness. This helps walleye hunt their prey at dawn and dusk, when many other fish cannot see well enough to hunt. Fishing during their prime feeding hours will increase your chances of catching them [source: Pitlo].
  • Fall is the most likely time to catch a trophy fish. Imagine how nice that photo will look on your wall. Though it may take more patience to fish for walleye in the fall, your catch can be worth the wait [source: Pitlo].
  • Survey the river before you begin fishing. This will give you a good idea of the most likely areas to find walleye.
  • Make sure your live bait is actually alive. Walleye want to eat live animals. If your bait dies, replace it with a living one [source: Leer].
  • When using leeches, run the hook through the tail, in between the large suckers. In the water, the leech will try to swim away, looking even more like a good catch to a walleye [source: Leer].
  • Don't forget your life vest. Rivers can be dangerous places. Always be prepared.
  • When frustrated, remind yourself that walleye river fishing is fun. Enjoy yourself!

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