How the Trout Spawn Works

Trout Fishing During the Spawn

Aside from watching the exciting ac­tivity of the trout in waters during spawning season, some people may want to utilize the large quantity of trout in the water by fishing. Fishing during spawning season is very effective because there are so many fish in the water and the fish need more food to maintain their energy level for the spawn.

There are many different methods of fishing that are useful during spawning season. Perhaps the most productive technique during spawning season is fishing with fish eggs. Trout and salmon eggs are used as bait on the end of a fishing line to mimic a natural grouping of fish eggs. The trout are so enticed by fish eggs during spawning season that they'll often ignore all other types of baits and lures and bite exclusively at egg sacks. Egg sacks are composed of cured trout or salmon eggs and are bundled together with netting in groups of 10 to 15 eggs [source: Lake Michigan Angler].


Fly fishing is another popular method of fishing used during spawning season. This method is practiced in rivers and employs an artificial lure to get the fish to bite. The artificial lure in fly fishing resembles an insect or other prey, often a fly, which is where the method gets its name.

During the spawn, the most efficient fishing practices are performed from the shore or in the river or lake itself. You will probably want to stray from using a large boat, especially one with a motor. Additionally, you will want to be on the lookout for some of the trout's other predators during the spawning season, which include low-flying bird of prey, other large fish and water-dwelling animals like the otter.

Now that you've got the know-how, you can visit some spawning trout for an educational lesson -- or just some good fishing.­

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