How Trout Fishing Lures and Baits Work

Trout Fishing with Egg Sacks

Fish eggs is another kind of bait used to entice fish to bite. As mĀ­entioned on the previous page, fish eggs can be used singularly, but these single eggs are mature and larger. Fish eggs used in egg sacks are often smaller and grouped in bundles of 10 to 15 eggs.

Egg sacks are one of the most effective for catching trout, especially during spawning season when fish will often ignore all other baits and lures. With that in mind, be sure to check the spawning season for the species of trout you're looking to catch. Watch out though, as other types of fish, such as salmon, may also bite at egg sacks. [Source: Lake Michigan Angler]

Egg sacks contain cured salmon or trout eggs, which are then bundled in spawn netting and attached to the hook. When attaching the egg sack to the hook, be careful not to pop any of the eggs, as this will lessen their effectiveness. Cast the egg sack into the water and let it drift to the bottom without reeling, as to imitate a natural grouping of eggs. [Source: Hoffman]

Many bait and tackle shops sell pre-made egg sacks or containers of cured trout eggs. However, if you really want to get your hands dirty, you can collect own eggs, concoct your own egg cure and make your own egg sacks. [Source: Lake Michigan Angler]

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