Top 4 Salmon Locations

Location 1: Winter Salmon Locations

From coast to coast, we've seen how salmon are as convenient as your local freezer section, but if you can handle putting on a couple of layers, why not venture ou­t­ into the winter chill and find your own fish in the wild? Head to upstate New York to check out some fishing along -- where else? -- the Salmon River. Here, you can fish for large coho salmon alongside fans of steelhead trout, a migratory species.

Heading out west to Montana, make a stop in Eureka and spend some time on the Tobacco River for the winter Salmon Festival, a two-day event that offers everything from fishing (of course) to fun and games for the kids. If you're up for a challenge, go further northwest to explore Homer, Alaska, where guides are willing to help you hook your dream fish among the glacial waters.

Now no matter what the season you get a hankering for some serious salmon fishing, you can pack up and head throughout the 50 states to find a salmon to suit your taste.

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