Top 4 Salmon Locations

Location 4: Spring Salmon Locations

If you're worried that being landlocked means salmon are out of your league, you haven't fished in New England. Find yourself among lush scenery and truly wild salmon at the West Branch Penobscot River, which rates as one of Fish and G­ame magazine's top 5 spring salmon waters [source: New England Game & Fish]. Moving further inland, from April to May, Lakes Michigan and Huron offer a fine, if chilly, spring salmon run. When the ice breaks and temperatures are still low, fishing can require patience, but with the right location and equipment, you can find yourself fighting a strong Chinook at these hotpots.

Besides the Great Lakes, Idaho offers a bounty of options along the Snake River streams and dams. Idaho Fish and Game commissioners opened the spring 2008 season in April, in anticipation of around 100,000 Chinook salmon crossing the Lower Granite Dam throughout the season. Snake River and other dams opened at this time as well. Anglers from Utah, Idaho and Montana make the trek to the Clearwater River Salmon Fishery each year to try their luck. Ellis, Idaho, is home to the Pahsimeroi Fish Hatchery, which also releases and monitors young salmon each year. Continuing westward, Cowlitz River, Wash., begins its run in March.

Want to wait til the weather's a bit more hospitable? Continue reading to find some good summer salmon spots.