Top 4 Redfish Locations

Fall Redfish Locations

Thou­gh the Georgia coast isn't the only place to fish for redfish in the fall, it does offer up large schools populated with 27-­ to 30-inch redfish. Inshore hot spots include the St. Marys area, specifically the Spartina grass areas of Crab Island and around Kings Bay. [source: Dean]

The Golden Isles, part of Georgia's Barrier Islands, is a great fall redfish location. Fishing breakers off the barrier island shoals is good for bull redfish, while moving to shallow estuaries during the afternoon will garner smaller but tastier reds. [source: Dallmier]

Great redfish locations can be found in both the Gulf and the Atlantic during the fall season. Some of the best spots include:

  • Peaking in mid-October, the Florida Panhandle fall redfish season produces some big bulls. The best action is at the mouth of jetties, where redfish mate. [source: Burgess]
  • Cedar Key and St. Augustine inlet basins are producing big bull reds through the fall season. Fishing the outgoing tide, around holes and drops increases your chances of getting to the big bulls, some of which are up to 50 pounds. [source: Reiter]
  • Charleston Harbor, Shem Creek and Isle of Palms in Charleston, S.C. offer some of the best fall redfish fishing, peaking late October through the beginning of December. [source: Yokam] Redfish school and travel in large packs, sometimes numbering in the hundreds. The schools remain together up to winter.
  • Visit North Carolina's Pamlico Sound in August through September for fall redfish, and hit the Outer Banks again in October and November for more hot catches. [source: Yokam]

Think winter means the fishing blues? No way. Some of the best winter redfish locations are scattered across the Gulf Coast, just waiting for you. Check out the next page to find your best winter getaway.