Top 4 Redfish Locations

Sawtooth Mountains reflecting in Little Red Fish Lake, sunrise
Sawtooth Mountains reflecting in Little Red Fish Lake, sunrise
Steve Bly/Digital Vision/Getty Images

If you're hankering for a big­ fish with a big fight, you should consider fishing for redfish. Wondering where to find them? It's really a matter of figuring out what areas offer the best redfish fishing in each season. If you're willing to travel along the Atlantic coast and to the Gulf of Mexico, you can experience great redfish adventures throughout the entire year.

Redfish are also known as rat reds, bull reds and red drum. Redfish have a large black spot on the base of their tails, and their colors range from black to copper to silver. Redfish grow up ­to 11 inches the first year, and reach up to 24 inches by their third year, when they are considered mature.

­Until they reach around seven years of age, young reds are found in coastal marshes where they hatch. Then, they move offshore and only head back into marshes and ponds during the winter months. Redfish live in saltwater, but can also live in freshwater. You can catch redfish using natural baits like shrimp, mullet, and blue crab, as well as artificial baits like shallow spoons, plugs, worms and jigs. [source: Florida Sportsman]

In this article, we'll take you through each season of the year to let you know exactly where to go fishing for redfish. Grab your gear, and let's get started.