How the Pike Spawn Works

Pike Fishing During the Spawn

Every fisherman has a favorite rod. Recommended rods for pike fishing include­ the longer European-style rods that have baitcast or spinning reels. Pike can also be caught using a fly rod, but fly fishing isn't recommended as the primary way to reel in a pike if you're unfamiliar with the method. Pike are gnarly fish, and they can bring you right into the water if you don't know what you're doing.

When fishing during the spawn, location helps just as much as equipment. Check with your local fishing agency to locate rivers or lakes that include these types of natural pike baitfish:

  • jumbo perch
  • ciscoes
  • suckers
  • smelt

Pike can be fished during the spawn with live bait or artificial bait. Since most states have regulations or bans regarding live bait, check before you toss any old bait into your favorite water location. Some of the most popular baits and lures include:

  • small game fish
  • alewives
  • minnows
  • dead bait
  • spoons with reflective metal backs
  • spoons with red or black five of diamonds
  • straight-shaft spinners

The best trick to reeling in a giant pike? See red. Literally. Pike are known to love the color red. [source: Vick] Good luck and happy fishing!


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