How the Pike Spawn Works

By: Simon Shadow

Where Pike Spawn

­Because pike are found in various locations across the globe, you would think pike-spawnin­g locations would be radically different in each area. It's not. It seems that no matter where they are, pike have basically the same spawning tastes.

Pike like to spawn in:


  • shallow weed beds
  • sandy and silted areas over gravel or rock
  • in the dead stems of rushes and reeds
  • areas that include adequate vegetation

If they are sea-dwelling pike, they will migrate up rivers to shallow weedy backwaters and pools. Lake-dwellers will migrate to shallow, weedy bays.

Rivers tend to produce large pike due to the amount of food sources, such as shad. When rivers swell during the spring thaw, they produce feeding and breeding grounds favored by the northern pike. The shallow back bays of large lakes are another favorite spawning area because of the natural vegetation and abundant supply of pan fish, bluegill and crappy, which pike find hard to resist [source: Vick]. Pike tend to be one of the easiest fish to catch, so your local fishing agency or well-known fisherman will be able to point you in the right direction.

Now that you know where to locate pike during the spawn, let's talk about what you really want to know -- how to fish for spawning pike.