Top 4 Pike Locations

Location 2: Fall Pike Locations

Fall is a great time of year for pike fishing. Pike are active everywhere, and as the temperature drops they move closer to shore. You'll have good luck at the ed­ges of deep waters, especially trolling and spinning.

Remember that as the seasons change, so do pike's feeding times. Before, you might have been getting the most bites in the morning. Now, the water takes longer to warm up. Depending on where you are, pike may start attacking your bait around noon. You could also get some bites fishing at dusk [source: Zanderland].

Sweden, Denmark and Finland dominate in this season, not least because pike in the European mainland tend to be bigger. Their food supply is typically stable throughout the summer, and the fish have been doing what pike do best -- eating indiscriminately. Think about a trip to the Swedish archipelago or Finland's Tampere region. Finland's Lake Kulovesi, Lake Längelmävesi and Lake Rautavesi also offer great autumn pike fishing [source: Zanderland].

The pike are typically smaller, but you can find great pike fishing throughout the British Isles in autumn. Ireland's lakes and rivers shine as autumn moves into winter; however, there are also plenty of places to try in Scotland, England and Wales. Pike fishing is especially rich in the Norfolk Broads. Local laws vary, though, and in some places major conservation efforts are underway. Get the most current information from groups such as the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain, the Irish Pike Society, the Central Fisheries Board and the Pike Anglers Alliance for Scotland.

If you wish the warm weather would last forever, you could try heading to the pike's more southerly habitats. Pike appear in Italy's lake country, at places such as Logo Caselle. And fall is a wonderful time to be in northern Italy -- it's when local delicacies such as truffles, porcini mushrooms, wild boar, clementines and figs come into season. Between the pike fishing, the local farms and the Eurochocolate festival, you could treat yourself to quite a culinary tour.

Finally, there are pike to be caught in the northern United States and Canada. Also try Washington state, Montana, and Minnesota. If you fish in Montana, check out the Pikemasters; not only do they help with conservation and education, but when the pike population needs thinning, they help get the excess fish to relief organizations.

In winter, you can't catch a pike, right? Better hang up the tackle until March. Or you could just take a look at the next page.