Top 3 Pike Fishing Techniques

Technique 2: Spoon Fishing for Pike

Spoon fishing is an extremely effective pike fishing method. A spoon lure is a piece of flat, curved metal that quite literally resembles the head of a spoon with a hook attached to its base. The spoon shape of the lure causes it to wobble in the wa­ter as it is pulled. This simulates the movement of the pike's prey and is often irresistible to the fish.

Spoons come in many colors and sizes. Feel free to try out any combination, but keep in mind that as before, the larger the pike, the larger the spoon.

Cast your spoon just beyond your target area. Wait a moment until the ripples from its entry into the water dissipate before beginning to reel in the spoon. Regardless of technique, this is a great practice to get in the habit of because ripples can spook or distract pike. Vary the speed at which you reel in or troll the spoon because speed affects how much it will wobble.

Now it's time to get out of the boat, hike up your rubber pants and get in the water. Read on to learn about fly fishing.