Top 4 Crappie Fishing Tips

Night Fishing for Crappie

­Fishing at night can be one of the most ex­hilarating fishing trips you'll ever make. Not only is night fishing a great event, but it can be an extremely productive outing. Just make sure you get to know your lake ahead of time so no underwater obstacles affect your trip. As always, if fishing from a boat, make sure the proper safety equipment is on board and visible.

Crappies are cold-blooded creatures on a constant search to regulate their body temperature. They move in toward surface waters at night when the temperature cools [source: Knol]. This is also where crappies feed.


Crappies feed off plankton, minnows and other baitfish that are attracted to light, so the most important equipment for night fishing is the light selection. Lanterns are helpful because they attract mosquitoes, which in turn attract insect-eating baitfish. Floating and submersible lighting project down into the water and attract a gathering of baitfish and crappies. Night fishing can be done from shore, off a dock or from a boat. There are benefits of fishing from each.

Crappies are available at all times throughout the year, but the best thing you can do is schedule your trip according to the moon [source: Crappie Fishing USA]. Reportedly, your trip will be the most productive if you go out around the time of the new moon and avoid the full moon. This will also be the time where you'd like to use a darker colored lure, or one that can reflect light in a similar manner to minnows or worms.

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