Top 4 Catfishing Techniques

Technique 1: Limb Lines

There are not many rules with limb line catfishing. Imagine ­a rope swing hanging above a pond or river. Now, imagine the rope swing going all the way down to the water with some bait on it. Presto! You have a limb line.

The trick to limb line fishing is finding the right tree. Choose a flexible green limb that hangs low over the water [source: Texas Catfishin' Resource]. You want a flexible limb because your giant catch will probably snap old or ragged limbs.


Here are tips for successful limb line fishing:

  • Alternate your bait and your hook.
  • Tie live bait just below the water's surface, so the bait makes a lot of noise and attracts the catfish [source: Texas Catfishin' Resource].
  • Drop artificial baits deep into the water [source: Eggertson].
  • Try different baits on each limb line you set to find out which ones work best in the areas you're fishing.

Because flathead catfish can get big, use large, heavy hooks or consider circle hooks. Flatheads have been known to flatten out J-style hooks on limb lines [source: Texas Sportsman]. As with the other forms of catfishing, check your limb lines every couple of hours. Limb lines are the easiest line to set and sink over and over again, which can dramatically increase your day's catch.

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