Top 4 Catfishing Techniques

Technique 2: Throw Lines

Catfish throw lines are an easy way to get some hooks in the water without exces­sive preparation. They can be thrown from shore, or set by boat, and are perfect for river fishing. One end has a weight and the other is attached to a tree or other sturdy source. Then, all you do is throw it in and catch the fish [source: Clark Baits]. Most throw lines are 25 to 30 feet (7.6 to 9.1 meters) long with five to 15 hooks, depending on state regulations [source: Redneck's Catfish Bait Soap].

­There are probably as many different ways to set up and toss a throw line as there are people who use them. You can set up a short line with only one hook or long lines with numerous hooks. Your location, water depth, and personal preference will dictate which method you use.


To keep your line from tangling, consider stretching it out on the bank along the water line before doing anything else. Bait your hooks and then tie on an end weight. Heaving your line overhead and out into the water puts you at risk of snagging yourself so try pitching it sidearm with just enough force to go the length of the line. And be careful not to jerk it back, or you'll snag the line.

Most states require you to tag your line with at least your name and the date you dropped it in the water. If you check your catfish throw line every few hours, you can remove your catch, bait it up and set it again to catch the daily maximum.

If you don't have a boat but still want to go after the big catfish, you can use a limb line. Read on to learn about fishing from shore.