How Top Water Bass Fishing Works

Top Water Bass Fishing Techniques

The No. 1 rule for top water fishing is always to keep your eye on the lure. An explosion of bass from the water may happen at any second, so it is important to always re­main attuned to what's happening in the water.

­Tension on the line is also key. When maneuvering or just waiting for a bite, the line must be held tight enough so it doesn't tangle or get pulled away from you, but not too tight. Leave a bit of slack on the line and make a snapping motion with your wrist to set the hook [source: Bassdozer].

One of the biggest challenges anglers face in top water fishing is the hook. The excitement of seeing the bass about to bite will cause many to jump the gun. Once you feel the bass on your line, take a deep breath and wait until you feel the pull of its weight. Snap your wrist to set the hook, and then reel your fish in!

When top water fishing, use the lightest line you can find. This will allow for more maneuvering and movement with less work. If you plan on fishing top and deep waters, keep a rod with a top water lure close. When you see a bass top feeding nearby, grab the rod and cast your lure over to the fish [source: Cromwell].

The maneuver and retrieval are equally important in the success of a catch. The amount of noise and motion a lure makes is what attracts the fish to the hook. The speed of retrieval must be timed appropriately to capture and bring the bass back to you.

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