How Top Water Bass Fishing Works

Top Water Bass Fishing Bait


Top water lures are made with materials like wood, hollow rubber or hard plastics. Th­ey're designed to float on the surface while the angler maneuvers the lures to move like fish prey. Each lure is designed to look, move and sound like the food bass hunt for. The vast quantity of available lures may seem overwhelming, but here is a basic overview of the more popular top water lures:

  • Poppers are small lures that work well for surface feeding fish. The concave, open mouth makes a popping sound when the lure hits the water. These are action-less lures that must be maneuvered by the angler.
  • Buzzbaits are some of the most popular lures for top water fishing. A propeller blade is connected to one wire while the other wire carries the hook and most of the weight. These lures are easy to navigate through roughage such as murky water or heavy weeds. The sound and visibility of buzzbait is very attractive to bass fish.
  • Surface lures are designed to look like frogs, flies and other insects of interest to fish. Made specifically to float on the surface of the water, these lures are also called "surface walkers" and move in a side-to-side motion. These lures may be tough to operate in rough water.

Lure color should match the color of the food available to the fish in the water. For example, if the fish mostly feed off of small, green frogs, a dominantly green lure will be your best bet. The secondary colors should come from the surrounding conditions. If it is night, a secondary black lure will work best. In clear conditions, a lure with clear or white secondary coloring will bring the best results.

Next, we'll take a look at some tips from the pros.